Chipotle Style Barbacoa

April 24, 2015 6 comments
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If you love Chipotle’s barbacoa, you simply have to try this simple and delicious crockpot recipe.

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Roasted Poblano Beef Stew

February 20, 2012 37 comments
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A hearty stew made with roasted Poblano peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and beef.

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Holiday Recipe Exchange | Prime Rib Chili

October 10, 2011 53 comments
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Prime Rib Chili recipe with onions, garlic, and homemade chili powder.

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Guinness Stew

March 16, 2011 24 comments
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It’s finally starting to get warmer in Ohio; the leaves and flowers are starting to sprout, and everyone seems to have succumbed to a bad case of spring fever. Every year, it seems as though the spring season is ushered in by St. Patrick’s Day. I have never quite understood the need to don myself […]

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Beef Stroganoff

December 27, 2010 12 comments
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I hope all of you had an amazing holiday full of family, friends, and of course, food. It’s always crazy to me how quickly the season flies by. Now it’s time to pack up the décor and take a break from the cookie baking! Today’s recipe is for a delicious beef stroganoff that is full […]

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Holiday Recipe Exchange: Beef Stew

December 13, 2010 37 comments
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Nothing hits the proverbial spot quite like a large pot of stew on a cold winter day. For today’s Holiday Recipe Exchange, I thought I would share my delicious for Beef Stew. Trust me; comfort food doesn’t get any better than this! I am really thrilled about this theme because I love to cook hearty […]

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Fig and Balsamic Beef Kabobs

July 7, 2010 15 comments
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Seriously, could it be any hotter in Ohio…my poor dog is even anti-outside right now! Temps are at 90°F as I type and my palms are sweating while I am sitting in the comfort of my air conditioning. I am sure many of you have absolutely no desire to turn on your oven to prepare […]

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Braised Short Ribs

March 14, 2010 26 comments
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I love Sundays. It’s a day to relax, catch up with the DVR and cook a great dinner. Typically we wake up, clean, grocery shop and then make a pretty fabulous dinner and dessert. A couple of weeks ago I was given a bottle of Merlot and since I am not a huge wine drinker, […]

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