Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes

November 22, 2011 29 comments
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Chocolate Cupcakes made with pumpkin ale and topped with a delicious spiced buttercream.

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Stout Cupcakes with Chocolate Covered Pretzels

March 17, 2011 48 comments
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I’m guessing that you have caught on to the fact that I am not a big fan of beer; however, toss in some sugar and chocolate and I am all about it. These espresso stout cupcakes were inspired by an actual bottle of espresso stout beer I found at my local market. Although it was […]

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Guinness Stew

March 16, 2011 24 comments
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It’s finally starting to get warmer in Ohio; the leaves and flowers are starting to sprout, and everyone seems to have succumbed to a bad case of spring fever. Every year, it seems as though the spring season is ushered in by St. Patrick’s Day. I have never quite understood the need to don myself […]

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Chocolate Stout Cake

March 15, 2011 93 comments
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About two weeks ago my younger brother, Jared sent me a text me stating he had pink eye. I’m quite the germophobe, so I was immediately curious how he contracted it; he had no clue. Once I found out about his funky eye, I decided that I would make him a big, decadent, chocolate, layer […]

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Guinness Cupcakes

March 21, 2010 50 comments
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I am not a beer fan; honestly, I am not really an alcohol fan in general, but I particularly loathe beer. I get loopy when I drink, yep loopy and sick, so it’s just better for everyone that I stay far away from the stuff! Although I do not like to drink beer, I do […]

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