Oreo Bark

March 23, 2015 18 comments
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Oreo Bark is a sweet and simple treat for the sweethearts in your life. Just a couple of minutes and some time in the fridge for this delectable dessert!

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Impossibly Easy Taco Pie & Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

March 17, 2015 9 comments
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Impossibly Easy Taco Pie and Mexican Hot Chocolate Chunk Cookies are the perfect pairing to get everyone around the dinner table and keep them there!

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Biscoff Marshmallow Treats

February 27, 2015 8 comments
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Biscoff Marshmallow Treats with ooey gooey Campfire® marshmallows. The best way to eat your feelings!

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Melting Snowman Cookies

December 17, 2014 14 comments
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Melting Snowman Cookies couldn’t be cuter, or easier to make. Thanks to Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, these are a snap!

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Orange Cranberry Cookies

December 9, 2014 28 comments
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Orange Cranberry Cookies are a sweet and tart addition to your Christmas cookie tray. They’ll have everyone asking for more!

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Gingerbread with Salted Caramel Sauce

December 3, 2014 44 comments
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Gingerbread with Applesauce is a lighter take on the original recipe, but this is true gingerbread. Spicy, moist, and impossible to resist.

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Snickers Caramel Apple Salad

October 17, 2014 16 comments
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Snickers candy bars are combined with Granny Smith apples, pudding, whipped topping and salted caramel sauce to create a deliciously sweet dessert that is perfect for Fall.

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15 Ooey-Gooey S’mores Recipes

August 10, 2014 10 comments
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A roundup of recipes that are a new twist on everyone’s favorite campfire treat. Happy S’mores Day!

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Berry Crisp

June 20, 2014 15 comments
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A simple berry crisp made with fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries creates the perfect summer dessert.

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Skillet Brownies

March 28, 2014 41 comments
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Decadent brownies flecked with chocolate and toffee chips and baked in mini cast iron pans.

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Nutella Cheesecake Trifles

February 20, 2014 17 comments
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Decadent Nutella Cheesecake filling layered with rich brownies and whipped topping – simple and so delicious.

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Peppermint Kahlua Oreo Cookie Balls

December 10, 2013 15 comments
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Oreo cookies combine with Peppermint Mocha Kahlua and peppermint bark to create a festive and delicious holiday treat.

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No Bake Roundup Recipes

July 19, 2013 7 comments

A collection of no-bake desserts to help keep you cool during these steamy summer months.

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