Sunday Funday

July 20, 2014 17 comments

A glimpse into our recent vacation in Boca Grande, Florida and some pretty big news!

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Baby Elle Update | 3 Months Old

April 29, 2014 14 comments
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A 3-month update on our sweet baby Elle.

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Hello Baby!

February 5, 2014 87 comments
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Introducing you to our sweet baby girl – Estelle Blais.

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It’s A…

September 26, 2013 75 comments
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We’re expecting! Find out if it’s a boy or girl!

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BIG News!

September 16, 2013 163 comments

A little update on why I’ve been absent in recent with months with a BIG announcement.

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A Dog For My Dad

January 2, 2012 82 comments
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I meant to post a recipe for Rum Raisin Cheesecake days ago – even adding a teaser post about the recipe on Facebook and then the little fellow above came into my life. And I was pretty much dominated by those big blue eyes and puppy breath for a full 72 hours. My dad had […]

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Beyond The Sugar: Bedroom Progress

September 5, 2011 16 comments
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You may remember a post from back in June, where I discussed our decision to redecorate our very unattractive bedroom. Since I am the epitome of indecisive, this project has taken a little longer than either of us expected; however, I’m pretty certain that most of the details have been nailed down – maybe. If […]

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Moments of Joy: Our Trip to Oglebay

July 13, 2011

Earlier this month, we packed up the Edge and the pups and hit the road for Oglebay Resort in West Virginia. We expected to spend the week relaxing, visiting with family and taking in some serious sunshine. However, things got off to a bit of a rocky start – between the stormy weather, two cabin […]

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Beyond the Sugar: 3 Signs I’m Getting Old

March 13, 2011 85 comments

I turned 32 today. Somehow for the past three months or so, I was able to convince myself that I was going to be 31, so accepting the number 32 has been quite the process. In the past two weeks, three significant things have occurred that indicate I am getting old. 1.) I now hate […]

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Beyond the Sugar

February 25, 2011 59 comments

I am obsessed with lists, and if you were to take a peek at my iPhone notepad right now you’d find over 30 pages of random lists. They range from recipes, grocery store items, websites, restaurants, and things to do, to the dimensions of the space where my microwave is placed. Not only do I […]

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