Sugar and Spice Cupcakes

October 22, 2012 34 comments
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Spice cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and coarse sugar create a sparkling dessert that’s perfect for a baby shower.

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Apple Pie Spice

September 24, 2012 48 comments
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A simple mixture of autumnal spices creates a perfect spice blend for fall baking.

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Chai Spiced Glazed Doughnut Muffins

February 15, 2012 71 comments
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Deliciously moist muffins loaded with chai spices and dipped in a sugar and spice glaze.

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Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes

November 22, 2011 29 comments
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Chocolate Cupcakes made with pumpkin ale and topped with a delicious spiced buttercream.

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Spiced Linzer Cookies

November 21, 2011 27 comments
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Pecan Linzer Cookies infused with pumpkin pie spice and sandwiched with Biscoff Spread.

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Pumpkin Roll

November 14, 2011 107 comments
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A moist and spiced pumpkin cake rolled with a silky cream cheese filling.

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

September 22, 2011 119 comments
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Homemade pumpkin pie spice made with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice and nutmeg.

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Greek Salad Skewers and a BIG Giveaway!

July 10, 2011 356 comments
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Feta cheese, cucumbers, olives and tomatoes are skewered and drizzled with olive oil and Za’atar to create a simple and delicious appetizer.

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Hearty Chili

February 4, 2011 13 comments
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If you missed yesterday’s post for homemade chili and taco seasoning, you may want to check it out because today I am using it in my favorite chili recipe. I am a big chili fan, but I am very particular about my chili. I like it to be thick and hearty; none of that watery […]

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Homemade Chili and Taco Seasoning

February 3, 2011 59 comments
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Do you ever find yourself in the middle of cooking dinner and realize that you’re out of a key ingredient? This happened to me about three years ago when I was in the middle of making a huge pot of chili. After searching my pantry for a nonexistent envelope of chili seasoning, I had to […]

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Pizza Dip

February 2, 2011 38 comments
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It’s really no big secret that I enjoy the comfort of my own home rather being the social butterfly. On occasion, my friend Brittani can get me out of the house to endure the rough terrain, with the promise of delicious food. One of the gatherings that Brittani managed to drag me to was loaded […]

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