Summer Recipes

Salted Caramel Milkshake

July 2, 2014 24 comments
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Salted caramel milkshakes made with vanilla bean ice cream, salted caramel sauce and dark salted caramel chocolate.

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Roasted Berry Napoleons

July 1, 2014 19 comments
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Lemon pizzelles are topped with mascarpone whip, tangy lemon curd and roasted berries to create summer berry napoleons.

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Berry Crisp

June 20, 2014 15 comments
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A simple berry crisp made with fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries creates the perfect summer dessert.

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Lemon Strawberry Shortcake

June 6, 2014 15 comments
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Lemon infused strawberry shortcake finished with whipped topping and fresh berries creates the perfect dessert for any summer party.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Cake

June 3, 2014 25 comments
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Strawberries and rhubarb combine with a crumb topping to create a delicious summer cake.

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S’mores Trifles

May 30, 2014 20 comments
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Layers of graham cracker crumbs, roasted Campfire® marshmallows, hazelnut spread, and fresh strawberries create a perfect s’mores trifle.

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Banana Coconut Cream Parfaits

May 16, 2013 20 comments
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A rich and creamy modern twist on a childhood favorite. These Banana Cream Coconut Parfaits are sure to be a hit!

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Blueberry Buckle

May 7, 2013 40 comments
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Lightly spiced, dense blueberry cake topped with a sweet and crunchy streusel topping.

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Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

September 4, 2012 62 comments
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Mini Lemon Meringue Pies are made simple by using homemade microwave lemon curd and store bought tart shells.

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Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Cake

August 29, 2012 30 comments
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Lemon-Blueberry pound cake made with yogurt and topped with a sweet lemon glaze.

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Coconut Cupcakes

August 27, 2012 108 comments
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Simple coconut cupcakes topped with a swirl of lime buttercream.

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French Onion Chip Dip

June 14, 2012 48 comments
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Homemade French Onion Dip made with sour cream, mayonnaise and caramelized onions.

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Lemon Cheesecake in a Jar

June 6, 2012 66 comments
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Decadent individual cheesecakes topped with homemade lemon curd, fresh whipped cream and ripe berries.

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