Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowl Recipes

February 3, 2012 26 comments
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My Baking Addiction’s favorite Super Bowl Recipes.

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Feta Cheese Ball

December 7, 2011 27 comments
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Feta, cream cheese, oregano and garlic blend harmoniously to create an impressive twist on a holiday classic.

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Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes

November 22, 2011 29 comments
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Chocolate Cupcakes made with pumpkin ale and topped with a delicious spiced buttercream.

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Spicy Guacamole

August 6, 2011 20 comments
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A simple guacamole recipe made with avocados, tomatoes, jalapeno, lime juice, garlic, cilantro and Sriracha.

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Easy Crockpot Pulled Pork

May 13, 2011 113 comments
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I’m sick. In my dramatic mind it seems like it’s been weeks since I’ve felt normal, but it’s actually only been about 7 days. I’ve cycled through the typical flu…

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Candied Almonds

February 8, 2011 50 comments
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My dad loves any type of nut; cashews, pecans, macadamias, he’ll pretty much nosh on anything you put in front of him, but almonds are probably his favorite. Every Valentine’s Day my mom would drive us across town to the local candy shop to pick up a pound of chocolate covered almonds. We would have […]

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Hearty Chili

February 4, 2011 13 comments
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If you missed yesterday’s post for homemade chili and taco seasoning, you may want to check it out because today I am using it in my favorite chili recipe. I am a big chili fan, but I am very particular about my chili. I like it to be thick and hearty; none of that watery […]

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Pizza Dip

February 2, 2011 38 comments
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It’s really no big secret that I enjoy the comfort of my own home rather being the social butterfly. On occasion, my friend Brittani can get me out of the house to endure the rough terrain, with the promise of delicious food. One of the gatherings that Brittani managed to drag me to was loaded […]

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Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Wings

January 31, 2011 52 comments
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Ever since I was a very young kid I enjoyed spicy food. I remember sitting at the table with my dad and brother over a Styrofoam container of wicked hot wings from the local pub. With our faces bright red, our noses running and sweat accumulating on our foreheads, we chowed until our lips burned […]

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Bite-Size Tacos

February 6, 2010 15 comments
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Since tomorrow is the Super Bowl, I figured I would squeeze in one last post for all of you party planners out there. Everyone loves finger foods and what Super Bowl spread is complete without a taco recipe? Typically I will make my little bro’s taco dip (which I totally need to post at some […]

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Jalapeno Popper Dip

February 6, 2010 87 comments
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If you read my blog on a regular basis, you may recall me saying that I am not a big football fan, okay let me rephrase that, I am not a football fan AT ALL. On occasion, I will pretend to watch it to appease Bri, but in all honesty I really have no clue […]

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Super Bowl BBQ Beef

February 3, 2010 30 comments
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If you are looking for an easy Super Bowl sandwich recipe to please the football fans in your life, definitely take a second and keep reading! This recipe sort of came about as a fluke. I originally planned to make mini pulled pork sandwiches, but I sent the fiancé to the store and he came […]

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