Valentine’s Day Desserts

Peanut Butter Brownie Parfaits

February 12, 2015 21 comments
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Peanut butter brownie parfaits have layers of brownies with peanut butter cups, peanut butter mousse, and lots of chocolate ganache. Valentine’s Day perfection!

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Strawberry Marshmallow Fudge

February 3, 2015 9 comments
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Strawberry Marshmallow Fudge that’s so easy to make, you can do it the morning of Valentine’s Day, and still have a treat ready in time for dessert, with only 5 minutes of effort.

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Valentine’s Day Sweets & Crafts

February 13, 2014 2 comments
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A roundup of tasty treats and cute crafts to share with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

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Guest Post: Ultimate Oreos

January 28, 2014 22 comments
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Ultimate Oreos are homemade deliciousness full of cookies and cream filling!

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Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies and Food Fanatic

February 14, 2013 18 comments
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Simple Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies topped with Dove Strawberry Cream Swirl candies.

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How to Make Heart Accents for Cupcakes

February 3, 2013 18 comments
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How To Make Heart Accents: A tutorial from the lovely Glory of Glorious Treats

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Valentine’s Day Sweets

January 31, 2013 15 comments

A round-up of my favorite recipes for Valentine’s Day from My Baking Addiction and around the web.

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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

February 13, 2011 56 comments
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I am not what you would call a hopeless romantic; I don’t swoon over getting flowers or eating dinner by candlelight, although I wouldn’t complain if you threw in some chocolate covered strawberries! However, I am hopelessly devoted to food. I am always trying to celebrate the holidays by finding new and creative ways to […]

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

February 10, 2011 87 comments
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There is something about red velvet cake that intrigues me. I mean who would have ever thought adding red dye to a basic cake recipe would turn into something so incredibly iconic. I remember watching Steel Magnolias as a kid and being mildly repulsed by red velvet armadillo cake. In fact, I think it was […]

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Fundamentals: Simple Homemade Truffles

February 9, 2011 44 comments
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What chocolate lover wouldn’t be thrilled with rich, decadent truffles for Valentine’s Day? Instead of heading to the nearest chocolate shop, pick up a few items from the market and make these homemade chocolate truffles with your own two hands! There is something really special about being able to create a delicious and meaningful Valentine’s […]

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Nutella Cupcakes

February 5, 2011 117 comments
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Today is World Nutella Day, so you knew there was no way I’d forgo posting something that utilizes this delicious Chocolate Hazlenut spread. As I have stated once or twice, I love Nutella and I’m pretty certain you could smear the stuff on a piece of cardboard and I’d be completely content! Taking a simple […]

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Decadent Chocolate Soufflé

August 9, 2009 25 comments
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Chocolate Soufflé… one of those decadent dessert items that I have seen on high end restaurant menus, but never attempted at home. Why? Not because I am lazy – well maybe a little – but mainly because things that rise intimidate me. This is alsothe reason I rarely make bread, rolls, etc. However, after talking […]

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