Zucchini Cookies

August 26, 2011 50 comments
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Zucchini cookies infused with lemon zest and raisins and topped with a lemon glaze.

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Savory Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

August 1, 2011 22 comments
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Stuffed Baby Bella mushrooms filled with goat cheese, cream cheese and roasted red peppers then topped with Panko and Parmesan cheese.

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Roasted Garlic and Tomato Bruschetta

July 21, 2011 18 comments
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Toasted baguette with a roasted garlic spread, fresh tomatoes and basil creates this simple summer appetizer.

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Greek Salad Skewers and a BIG Giveaway!

July 10, 2011 356 comments
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Feta cheese, cucumbers, olives and tomatoes are skewered and drizzled with olive oil and Za’atar to create a simple and delicious appetizer.

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Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

June 16, 2011 29 comments
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You know how sometimes you have a preconceived notion of a random food item, and refuse to touch it based on that preconception?

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Curried Chicken Salad Wraps

April 25, 2011 27 comments
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Brian and I decided to stay home for Easter and also decided on a less than traditional lunch and dinner menu. We headed to the market with no real plan (which is completely unlike my list driven self) and decided to the let the ingredients guide us. We picked up shrimp, rotisserie chicken, fresh jalapenos, […]

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Spicy Chicken and Pepper Jack Pizza

April 7, 2011 66 comments
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I warned you yesterday when I posted No Knead Pizza Dough that I am officially on a flatbread kick. My mind has been consumed with all the delicious combinations I can put on top of that wonderful dough to knock it out of the park – and this first recipe is no exception.  Spicy Chicken […]

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Guinness Stew

March 16, 2011 24 comments
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It’s finally starting to get warmer in Ohio; the leaves and flowers are starting to sprout, and everyone seems to have succumbed to a bad case of spring fever. Every year, it seems as though the spring season is ushered in by St. Patrick’s Day. I have never quite understood the need to don myself […]

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Beef Stroganoff

December 27, 2010 12 comments
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I hope all of you had an amazing holiday full of family, friends, and of course, food. It’s always crazy to me how quickly the season flies by. Now it’s time to pack up the décor and take a break from the cookie baking! Today’s recipe is for a delicious beef stroganoff that is full […]

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Holiday Recipe Exchange: Beef Stew

December 13, 2010 37 comments
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Nothing hits the proverbial spot quite like a large pot of stew on a cold winter day. For today’s Holiday Recipe Exchange, I thought I would share my delicious for Beef Stew. Trust me; comfort food doesn’t get any better than this! I am really thrilled about this theme because I love to cook hearty […]

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Rice Cooker Risotto Recipe

December 7, 2010 23 comments
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Mushroom risotto simplified by preparing it in a rice cooker. This deliciously creamy risotto recipe is full of mushrooms, peas and shallots and could not be easier.

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Holiday Recipe Exchange: Sausage-Cranberry Stuffing

November 22, 2010 15 comments
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What’s my favorite thing about any Thanksgiving spread? Hands down, it’s the stuffing! Even though I never cook my stuffing inside of my turkey, I still call it stuffing. I know the correct term is dressing when it is cooked outside of the bird, but we just never referred to as dressing, so I simply […]

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Individual Turkey Pot Pies

November 13, 2010 35 comments
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Leftover turkey from your latest holiday spread? Instead of noshing on a mundane turkey sandwich, whip up these simple, individual turkey pot pies. Loaded with turkey, veggies and a creamy sour bream sauce, this pot pie is sure to please.

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