135+ best christmas cookies


Looking for the best Christmas cookies to make this year? We've gathered 135+ of the very best recipes to help you out!

Drop cookies are easy to make and fun to do with kids! They come in dozens of flavors for something for everyone.

drop cookies

Beautiful cut outs & pressed cookies are always a Christmas favorite!

cut-out & pressed cookies

red & green cookies

You can't have Christmas without some red and green! These festive cookies add some color to the table.

Chocolate Christmas cookies

Everyone's favorite: chocolate! It's not the holidays without a bit of chocolate goodness.

Bar cookies

Forget cutting and shaping. Just bake these bar cookies and cut as many pieces as you like! 

Cookie Balls

Cookie balls are no-bake classics! You will love these candy-like Christmas cookies.

no-bake cookies

No oven? No problem! Even Christmas cookies can be amazing without an oven with these no-bake recipes.

Peppermint & mint

If you love the cooling flavor of peppermint, you will go wild for these cookie recipes.

reimagined classics

Sometimes great things happen when you add a twist to the flavors of classic Christmas favorites! 

...and more!

Some cookies don't fit into a perfect category, but we love them anyway. These are holiday musts, too! 

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