Halloween Popcorn Balls


If you love popcorn balls at the holidays, you have to try this Halloween version made with mini candy corn!

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Popcorn Granulated sugar Light corn syrup Butter Salt Vanilla extract Baking soda Mini candy corn Halloween sprinkles

Add 12 cups of freshly popped popcorn to a large roasting pan.


Prep the popcorn

Bring syrup ingredients to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Cook 2 minutes; stir in vanilla and baking soda off the heat.


Make the Syrup

Pour syrup over popcorn and stir to coat well. Let cool slightly, then mix in half of the candy corn.


Mix the popcorn

Once mixture is cooled enough to handle, quickly shape popcorn into balls, pressing extra candy corn and sprinkles onto the outside. 


Roll the balls

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