Peppermint Mocha Cookies

by Jamie on December 20, 2014

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Delectable chocolate cookies are given a festive kick with the addition of espresso powder and peppermint candy canes – they’re the perfect treat for any holiday cookie tray.

Well, it’s December 20th and as I sit here typing this blog post, I should be in full-on freak out mode because I have to do all the things. However, I’m strangely calm. I know they’ll get done even if it means being hopped up on coffee, or these Peppermint Mocha Cookies and wrapping presents at 3am. Every single year, I plan on being a little more organized, ya know, just a little bit more prepared, and it never happens. Still, everything does get done – eventually.

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Host A Holiday Brunch

by Jamie on December 19, 2014

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Evite. All opinions are my own.

The holidays are such a hectic time of year. I feel like I’m so focused on work and making the season special for my family, that I sort of take the easy route with my closest friends. Not that there’s anything wrong with sending Sephora gift cards or Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to your BFFs – trust me, they’ll totally dig it.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the season, I really want to slow down – if only for a few hours and spend a little time with my friends. Whether it be dinner at our favorite restaurant, a cookie exchange or a festive holiday brunch, it’s important for us to spend time together during the most wonderful time of year.

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If you’ve followed My Baking Addiction for any length of time, you’re probably well aware of the fact that I am pretty much obsessed with cupcakes. From Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes drizzled with ganache to Vanilla Bean Cupcakes piled high with rich, delicious buttercream, they’re one of my absolute favorite desserts to make and share. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good cupcake? I’m fairly convinced that a pretty and delicious cupcake will bring a smile to almost anyone’s face – this includes your grumpy officemate and your Aunt Martha with the perma-scowl.

One of the reasons that I adore cupcakes so much is that they’re portable, which makes them the perfect dessert for holiday parties. Whether it be Christmas Eve with the family, or a holiday pot-luck at work, cupcakes are always my go-to dessert. Another thing that I love about cupcakes is that they’re so adaptable. Plain vanilla cupcakes can easily become the most festive treat on the dessert table with the addition of holiday themed liners and matching sprinkles. And not to toot my own horn or anything, they’re always one of the first desserts to disappear.

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Candy Cane Snowball Cookies

by Jamie on December 18, 2014

Peppermint Snowball Cookies on My Baking Addiction

Candy Cane Snowball Cookies are a must-add to your holiday cookie tray. Buttery sweet shortbread, peppermint and vanilla candy melts make for holiday flavor perfection.

This post is sponsored by Challenge Butter.

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Melting Snowman Cookies

December 17, 2014 14 comments
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Melting Snowman Cookies couldn’t be cuter, or easier to make. Thanks to Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, these are a snap!

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Brown Butter Maple Nutmeg Cookies

December 17, 2014 20 comments
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Brown Butter Maple Nutmeg Cookies are the sort of thing that makes the world go ’round. All these wintery flavors in one delicious cookie!

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How To Make a Marshmallow Wreath + Video

December 16, 2014 6 comments
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Learn how to make a festive marshmallow wreath using Campfire® Marshmallows.

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Mini Salted Caramel Chocolate Pies

December 15, 2014 20 comments
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Mini Salted Caramel Chocolate Pies are like dessert hors d’oeuvres. Pass ‘em around on a pretty silver tray and watch everyone oooh!

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Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies in a Jar

December 13, 2014 24 comments
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Cranberry white chocolate cookies in a jar are a homemade gift sure to please. Add custom tags for a whimsical feel.

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Gluten-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies

December 11, 2014 4 comments
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These super fudgy gluten-free mint chocolate brownies couldn’t be simpler and are a perfect Christmas treat!

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Peppermint Oreo Cookie Balls

December 10, 2014 18 comments
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Peppermint Oreos are combined with cream cheese and crushed candy canes and in dipped in candy melts to create Peppermint Oreo Cookie Balls. They’re simple and so delicious.

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Orange Cranberry Cookies

December 9, 2014 26 comments
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Orange Cranberry Cookies are a sweet and tart addition to your Christmas cookie tray. They’ll have everyone asking for more!

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360 Bakeware Holiday Giveaway // $800 Value

December 8, 2014 38 comments
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A reader appreciation giveaway for a 360 Bakeware holiday baking set.

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