Graham Cracker Crust is everyone’s favorite classic cheesecake base. This sweet, buttery crust is easy to make and the perfect complement to so many fillings!

If you’ve been around My Baking Addiction for a while, you know that my love for cheesecake runs deep. It’s one of my absolute favorite desserts to make and share with others.

I sort of consider myself a cheesecake pro at this point in my life, but I know a lot of you don’t feel the same way, and many of you are even a little intimidated by the process.

For whatever reason, people tend to freak a little when they read the words water bath or bain marie which is basically just a fancy term for water bath.

But guys, it’s really just adding hot water to a pan in order to surround your cheesecake with warmth. That way it bakes in uniform heat.

It also adds moisture to the oven and helps prevent cracks. But we’ll get into that a little more in a different post.

Over the next week or so, I’m going to be sharing several recipes to help you create the perfect cheesecake time and time again, starting with this basic recipe for graham cracker crust.