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Beanilla Homemade Vanilla Extract Infusion Kit

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re at all like me, your holiday shopping list may be a little out of control. As new people enter my life, mine seems to just keep expanding and expanding and expanding. And since I’m totally not the gift card giving type, I love being introduced to unique, inexpensive gifts that will allow me to cross numerous people off my never ending list.

You guys know that I love everything vanilla. From vanilla extract and vanilla beans to vanilla fleur de sel, Beanilla has been my go to source for all things vanilla for over 3 years.

I am super excited to collaborate with Beanilla this holiday season to provide you with a variety of gift ideas and discount codes. We are hoping to make your holiday gifting a little easier, and your desserts a little more delicious!

First up are Beanilla’s fantastic Homemade Vanilla Extracts Infusion Kits. Making vanilla extract is fun and simple with their infusion kits! And since they come with a super cute jar, beans and a label, you’re pretty much set for Christmas gifts!

Simply take the 5 whole vanilla beans out of your infusion kit, split each bean lengthwise and add 8 ounces of 35%+ alcohol (not included) – I love to infuse my beans with vodka or bourbon, but I hear Southern Comfort works well too. Let the jars sit for a couple of weeks and you’ll have the perfect gift for all the baking lovers in your life. These jars are definitely the gift that keeps on giving because as the extract is used, you can just keep topping it off with more alcohol. Pretty awesome, right?

And to make your holiday shopping just a little sweeter, my friends at Beanilla are offering My Baking Addiction readers 15% off their Homemade Vanilla Extract Infusion Kits. Simply enter the code MYBAKINGADDICTION at checkout!