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The Perfect Party Cake

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One of my great friends celebrated her birthday this past Saturday and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to tackle my fear of cakes. I have no idea why cakes intimidate me so much, but they do…big time! I keep meaning to take the Wilton cake decorating classes at Michael’s, but I just get too busy. It took me a little while to decide which cake recipe to follow because I have been wanting to try so many. In the end, I went with Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for the Perfect Party Cake…I have used this recipe numerous times, but only in cupcake form. The reason I love this recipe so much is because of the crumb texture…it’s perfect in my opinion. This time I followed Greenspan’s directions exactly as written, which I admit intimidated me a little at first. The cake directions are long, but that is just because Greenspan is very detailed in her steps. The lengthy directions are not an indication of the difficulty level; in fact, I think this cake is quite easy to prepare…it’s the slicing, filling, frosting and decorating that scares me! In all honesty, the slicing, filling, frosting and decorating was not too hard either. Obviously this cake is not perfection, but I do not think it’s too bad for my first cake decorating attempt. This was a big hit at work and people seemed to really enjoy the flavor and texture. So, if you have a special occasion coming up and need the Perfect Party Cake, try this one…it’s sure to please! Click here for the recipe and another version of this delicious cake. Enjoy!

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R Laing

Thursday 9th of August 2012


I am having trouble finding a cake to use to make a football cake. I need a firm but moist and delicious crumb. Tried using this cake batter but comes out with closed crumbs and heavy. Tastes delicious and I suspect the Wilton football pan may be too deep, therefore the cake batter does not rise as well. Made it twice. Do you think I am over mixing? I used Cake Flour. I need a cake that would stand up well to make a sphere, and bear the weight of being covered with fondant. Last time I tried a chiffon cake but it is too light and weighed the cake down. Can you make any suggestions?

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen

Saturday 20th of September 2008

It does look perfect!

Payal Shah

Friday 19th of September 2008

Hi,I have been following the repressed pastry chef of the late and it opened up the window to other great baking blogs and that's how I discovered your blog. So, I am a stranger to your site, but at least you have my an idea of how I got here :)Well, your cake looks great! I know what you mean regarding the fear with cutting, slicing and layering the cake. I share the same...and I have yet to get as far as you have. So hopefully one of these days.


Thursday 18th of September 2008

WOW!!! For someone who claims to need help in the "cake" dept you sure did a GREAT job! Really your layers look good,your piping, and decorating of the cake came out excellent! I took the first two Wilton's courses at Michael's and you did just as well as we did, better!!

BTW, I really like your blog and the recipes you blog about. I keep meaning to try your coconut cupcakes from Ina and the Food Network!~ingrid


Thursday 18th of September 2008

Oh yay! I'm so glad you finally made this as a full-on layer cake. Congrats to ya!

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