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This week’s recipe for Mango Bread was chosen by Kelly of Baking with the Boys. Since we are not really mango fans, I decided to go ahead with the TwD recipe and just make some drastic changes! I was actually not going to make this recipe, but since I flubbed last week’s tart, I figured I would at least attempt something using the basic ingredients and method from Dorie’s recipe and just substitute the mango for other tropical fruits and flavors.

Here is what I did:
1.) I chopped two 8 ounce cans of pineapple and drained them very well; squeezing the juice through cheese cloth.
2.) Folded in 2 mashed bananas and 2/3 cup sweetened flaked coconut.
3.) Added 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract.
4.) Baked in mini loaves.
This resulted in some damn good bread, it was a little sweet, so next time I will cut back on the sugar due to the added fruit and coconut. the breadbaked up beautifully in the mini loaf pans and tasted amazing when slathered with a pat of butter! I will definitely make this recipe again! Head over to the TwD site to check out more versions of this tropical treat!

The winner of my Brownie Fun Giveaway is Michelle of Something New is Cooking…Congratulations, Michelle!!!

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  1. Hilda says:

    Where is the recipe to this bread? I feel like i need to bake it right now but i do not see the recipe anywhere

  2. fried blue says:

    This combo of ingredients sound fabulous! (Sounds better than the original in my personal opinion. :)

  3. Kevin says:

    What as great sounding quick bread!

  4. TeaLady says:

    Great subs to a great loaf. This is a great basic loaf and I can imagine it would go perfectly with lots of fruits – like yours.

    Lovely loaf.

  5. Engineer Baker says:

    I really liked the mango variation, but yours looks wonderful. Might have to try it out!

  6. Pamela says:

    I know I’m in good company when I tell you how cute those minis are!! Great job.

  7. The Food Librarian says:

    These are the cutest mini-loaves!!! I love them.

  8. Leslie says:

    Looks delicious! I love how you tweaked it!