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Happy Friday! I thought I’d do a Friday Faves post including a bunch of my favorite products from The Honest Company. If you’re not familiar with the brand, it was co-founded by Jessica Alba and carries a line of safe, eco-friendly health and household items for the whole family.

When I became pregnant with Elle, Eric and I wanted to make a conscious effort to use products that were a little safer for both us and the environment. We made small changes at first like swapping all-natural deodorant for my typical drugstore brand and purchasing primarily organic produce, meats and dairy.

Like most soon-to-be parents, I was overwhelmed by the huge variety of products on the market for babies. After doing a bit of research and hearing great things from friends about the line, we decided to order a sampling of products from The Honest Company and we’ve been hooked ever since.

Not only are the products reliable, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced, they’re also beautiful (um, hello, cupcake printed diapers) – which for us, is a delightful bonus!

Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite baby products that we’ve used for the past 6 months. I know searching for the right products for your little one can be incredibly daunting, so hopefully these suggestions will help make your search a little easier!

Another great feature of the The Honest Company is that they allow you to bundle items for automatic shipment – right to your front door. It’s cheaper than purchasing the products individually and it’s incredibly convenient. As a new mom, having one less thing to worry about is always a total bonus!

This post is in no way sponsored – they have absolutely no clue who I am. I’m just sharing some of my faves from one new mama to another. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.

If you decided you want to try a few of these products, click this link to sign up and save $10 at checkout. You can also find a variety of The Honest Company products at Target.

1. Organic Cotton Blanket: This is Elle’s absolute favorite blanket. It’s super soft and perfect for a loose swaddling and snuggling! We own 3 – 1 of which is stored away as a back up. Just be sure to follow the care instructions because one of ours did snag in the washer when we forgot to use the delicate cycle.

2. Baby Wipes: These are the only wipes that have touched Elle’s delicate skin. They’re soft, thick and have just the right amount of moisture. I even use them to remove my makeup before washing my face! Love these.

3. Zip Pouch: This bag is awesome! We use it as a mini diaper bag when we’re out and about. It’s super roomy and holds multiple diapers, travel wipes, bibs, teething toys and so much more. We toss in our essentials for short outings when we don’t want to worry about carrying our diaper bag – which is also from The Honest Company, but currently sold out.

4. Organic Healing Balm: Elle has only had one diaper rash since she’s been born and this stuff really seems to help soothe her irritated skin. And it’s free of all the yucky ingredients that are found in most baby creams.

5. Sunscreen: We used this sunscreen on our recent trip to Florida. It was hot – I’m talking 96+ degrees and full sun. This sunscreen did an amazing job of protecting Elle’s (and Eric’s) fair skin from the blazing Florida rays!

6. Diapers: Not only are these the cutest diapers ever, they’re also super absorbent, eco-friendly, ultra soft, hypoallergenic, and free of chlorine processing & risky additives. We’ve only had a handful of epic leaks in 6 months and trust me, I don’t think any diaper could’ve contained those messes! Did I mention they have a cupcake and chevron patterns? I’m a total sucker for anything chevron!

7. Face and Body Lotion: I am one of those people that cannot stand the smell of typical baby lotion. It gives me an instant headache and while I was pregnant, even the slightest whiff of the stuff sent me running for the nearest trash can. This lotion is super hydrating (I use it too) and smells absolutely amazing! I’ve actually had people ask me what fragrance I was wearing when all I had on is this lotion.

8. Shampoo and Body Wash: This tear-free shampoo and body wash is perfect for the whole family. It’s ultra gentle and smells fantastic.

Disclosure: The coupon link is an affiliate link and if used, will give us credit to The Honest Company website.

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  1. Kristi says:

    I love their healing balm, it’s the only thing that works on my skin.

  2. Jocelyn@Brucrewlife says:

    My kids aren’t babies anymore, but I’ve heard about this company. I totally heart it, and would’ve loved having chevron diapers for their little behinds! ;)

  3. Kelly says:

    I highly recommend cloth diapers and wipes. I am not an eco friendly fiend or anything but I only used these for my daughter and have no regrets. We saved a ton of money and didn’t fill the landfill – we live in a very rural area (population 500) and have very limited trash dumping options living 60 miles away from the nearest city. Cloth diapers have come a loooooong way since the days of pins.

  4. Emily @ Life on Food says:

    I love Honest Company. No kids here but we get all of their cleaning and bath products.