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Modern Baby Cookies from Glorious Treats
Modern Baby Cookies from Glorious Treats
If you read MBA on a regular basis, you may know that I am pregnant – like way pregnant. And although I’ve really enjoyed carrying Baby E for about 38 weeks, I’m ready – like way ready for her to be born.

Last night, I slept for about 47 minutes and after hours of staring at a sleeping Eric (in a non-creepy way, I promise) and watching countless makeup related videos on YouTube, I fell asleep at about 7:00AM.

Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes from Bluebonnets & Brownies
Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes from Bluebonnets & Brownies

Amidst dreaming of doughnuts, I was awakened by a buzzing phone that I had placed about 3 inches from my face. Silently cursing myself for not turning off my ringer and whoever was texting me at ridiculous o’clock, I grabbed my phone with my numb right hand (hello, pregnancy carpal tunnel) and noticed that the buzzing sounds were Twitter notifications.

I stared at my phone screen trying to read the letters through blurry morning eyes and realized that one of my best friends on the planet had organized a virtual baby shower for me and Baby E.

Heath Bar Cake from i am baker
Heath Bar Cake from i am baker

Amber from Bluebonnets and Brownies teamed up with an incredible group of talented food blogging friends (see below) to create a perfect shower full of amazing and of course, delicious recipes.

After a couple of brief naps, I have slowly made my way through each of the posts to be left with a full heart, tear streaked face and immense gratitude for each and every one of these amazing friends. I am so thankful to be part of such a fantastic community full of the some of the most talented, kind, and giving people on the planet.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! You made our week and it was seriously the sweetest thing you gals could do!

Stay tuned for a formal introduction to Baby E. – she’ll be here early next week!

Amber from Bluebonnets & Brownies | Lemon Strawberry Cupcakes
Julie from The Little Kitchen | Pistachio Pudding Cupcakes
Jen from My Kitchen Addiction | Sugar and Spice Cookies
Shaina from Food for My Family | Vanilla Raspberry Mini Meringue Kisses
Glory from Glorious Treats | Modern decorated cookies
Cheryl from TidyMom | Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream
Katie from Good Life {Eats} | Raspberry Hibiscus Soda
Aimee from SimpleBites | How to freeze a big batch of homemade waffles
Amanda from I am Baker | Heath Bar Cake
Steph from Steph Chows | PB oatmeal cookies
Allison from Some the Wiser | Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins
Megan from Stetted | Strawberry Jalapeno Palmiers
Shelly from Cookies & Cups | Bacon Cheddar Scones
Emily from Jelly Toast | Meyer Lemon Scones
Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen | Samoa Layer Cake

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  1. JulieD says:

    Yay! I was so happy to do this for you!! Congrats and I can’t wait to see pictures of Baby E!!! xoxo

  2. Bhawna says:

    I love your receipes and I follow those . Can you please suggest some tips for my husband ‘s b’day . Thanks

  3. Glory/ Glorious Treats says:

    So glad you felt loved and celebrated, that was our plan!! =)

  4. Shaina says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting that sweet bundle!

  5. Tasha @thatssoyummy says:

    All of these recipes sound decadent… Happy Baby Shower! :-)

  6. Cheryl H says:

    What great fun and gives all your readers a chance to be introduced to some great food bloggers. The Lemon Scones are definitely on my to-bake list.

    Congrats and hang in there, babies come when they are ready!

  7. Urban Wife says:

    You have the most thoughtful, amazing and sweetest friends. I’m off to check out each of their creations right now. Good luck next week and I can’t wait to see sweet Baby E. :)

  8. Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says:

    I had so much fun making your cupcakes. The only thing that would have been better is to share one with you. James’s coworkers, however, are *really* happy you’re having a baby!

  9. Amanda says:

    It was such a treat being a part of your Virtual Shower. Cant wait to meet Miss E!! Hoep you are feeling ok! :)