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TwD…Pumpkin Muffins and a Brief Hiatus…

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Well after being M.I.A. for a couple of weeks, I am back to my beloved baking and TwD! Life got very hectic for a quick minute and something had to give…unfortunately that something was baking and my blog. I also apologize for not posting the winner of the tarts which is…Prudy! You can click here to check out her awesome blog!
I have been all about all things fall…especially pumpkin and apples, so I was quite excited for this recipe! I could not find raw sunflower seed kernels to save my life so I just omitted them. I added pecans, craisins, and white chocolate chips to the batter. I was very impressed with the way these muffins baked up; I filled them to the brim and there was no sign of overflow…I was left with 12 huge, gorgeous muffins. All in all I really enjoyed this recipe and will definitely make these again.

Here are my changes:
-upped the cinnamon to 1 teaspoon
-upped the nutmeg to 1/2 teaspoon
-added 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
-added 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
-subbed craisins for raisins

The Pumpkin Muffin recipe can be found on page 13 of Dorie’s book, Baking: From My Home to Yours or at Kelly’s blog. You can also check out the TwD site for more yummy versions of these scrumptious fall muffins. I hope these muffins make your day a little more delicious! Enjoy!

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Thursday 23rd of October 2008

Your muffins are gorgeous and sound dlish with the white chocolate and extra spices!


Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

I love the white chocolate/craisin addition. I just bought the book for $9.99 at Ross so I plan to join this week.


Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

Love the muffins, they look great! Glad your back to baking! I am always happy when I can be in the kitchen or looking through books/blogs for something new to try!

The Food Librarian

Wednesday 22nd of October 2008

White chocolate chips and craisins! Yummy! Those look moist and delicious.


Tuesday 21st of October 2008

Looks pretty good ! Yum they sound all fall and spicey. AmyRuth

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.