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With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, I thought I’d compile a list of products that I’m in love with to share with my readers. This gift guide is meant to inspire you and possibly take the guess work out of gift giving for the food lover in your life, for Valentine’s Day or any day.

MBA valentines day gift guide

From beautiful Ice Milk Aprons to an incredibly gorgeous Pink KitchenAid mixer for a great cause, I hope this guide contains something for the foodie within you.

If your significant other is searching for options other than flowers and chocolates, you could definitely print and slip this guide into their sock drawer for a little nudge in the right direction! Heck if you’re not the subtle type, draw a big red circle around the item and tape it to the bathroom mirror! And even if you don’t have a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day use this guide as inspiration to treat yourself to something fabulous!

Because you all are my favorite Valentines, some of these items will be up for grabs in the next 12 days. Stay tuned to MBA each day to see what I’ve got in store!

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  1. Karen says:

    As a avid baker I happy that I stumbled across this site! I think am going to make the candied almonds. I have made candied pecans before its surprisingly easy :) Since its the season of chocolate I thought it would be fun to have chocolate milk straws with dessert for Valentines :)

  2. Jess says:

    Ah! I seriously want everything on that list. Especially the pink mixer!!
    Jess : )

  3. Caitlin says:

    Ooo, I’d love any of those! I just hopped over to your blog from Good Life Eats and am in love! I need to go to the store now so I can bake! Mmmm.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Uh oh…I’d never been to before. I am in love. There goes my tax refund!!

  5. KristinaYellow says:

    How do you use the braiser? I really want one….but I just got my first 5 qt LeCrueset and can’t splurge on another yet.

    1. Jamie says:

      A braiser is really just a heavy casserole dish. I find it perfect for preparing and serving everything from baked pasta dishes to braised short ribs. It has great heat distribution so it allows foods to cook evenly and gently. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Heather says:

    Soo cool! I love the pink kitchenaid! But I’ll have to google that pan and see how much it is for my beau!

  7. Katrina says:

    These are such fun ideas! Thanks :)

  8. Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. says:

    Love your gift guide! My birthday is the day after Valentine’s day, so I think I should definitely send this list to my husband for a little hint. I love the pink cake stand and the apron!

  9. Lauren at KeepItSweet says:

    So many fun things, can’t wait for the giveaways:-)

  10. DessertForTwo says:

    Any ideas for a boy who likes to cook (not bake?) My only idea is to replace all of his crappy utensils in a pretty Le Creuset jar for the counter…I’m running out of time!

    1. Jamie says:

      That sounds like a great idea! I have this set and love it!

    2. Jessica N. says:

      That sounds like a good idea, good storage is always a good thing so countertop containers could be good too!

    3. Katie | GoodLife Eats says:

      What about the book “Recipes Every Man Should Know.” It’s co-authored by food blogger Susan Russo of Food Blogga. I got it for my brother for Christmas along with a microplane, zesting mixing bowls and a meat mallet.