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About 4 years ago, Brian and I moved into condo that is nestled in a quiet neighborhood on a huge lake. We were smitten with the laid back, quiet feel of the development and the beautiful scenery.

Over the course of a few months, we worked to transform the condo into our own by removing more layers of wallpaper than I could count, painting, and other random odds and ends. Please, people…I beg you to NEVER wallpaper over wallpaper. It’s bad news and can move you to tears in a matter of minutes. I will not recount my experience with the half bath and the 3 yes, 3 layers of odd wallpaper because it may bring on nightmares.

Once we got the first floor the way we wanted it, we kinda just gave up. It’s not like anyone really hangs out in our bedroom anyways. We started to get used to the safari theme and it became more of a joke than an eyesore. By safari, I mean cheetah and zebra print wallpaper that adorned the walls of our master bath that beautifully corresponded with the wrought iron elephant mirrors above the sinks.  I’m not knocking the animal print, it’s just not me…not in the slightest.

About two weeks ago we got new carpet installed throughout the house and it ignited the decorating spark in me once again. I spent about three hours creating a bedroom pin board on Pinterest and set out to find the perfect paint color. Once I narrowed it down, I went and purchased samples. I immediately painted three large stripes on our bedroom walls. Since Brian is a little bit of a neat freak, I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the newly striped walls for long. Total manipulation…I know.

Thanks to the bribe of a steak dinner, Brian and his friend, Dave spent their day off stripping that safari wallpaper and covering our walls in two shades of gorgeous gray paint! I wanted to give you an actual before photo, but I completely forgot to take pics, so instead, Brian dug out some wallpaper scraps because this post needed to be accompanied with a visual representation of that wallpaper…I simply could not do it justice by a description alone.

I have ordered our new duvet, pillows, and shower curtain from West Elm and have my cart loaded with other beautiful things to fill our room with. Farewell Safari Bedroom…Now, let the redecorating begin.

What’s the one room in your house that you’d love to change?

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  1. Patti B. says:

    I do not know how to do the window treatments in our condo. We have 3 patio doors and 4 odd shape windows. I need to get color into some of the rooms-changing the horizontal blinds would help-I really need help.

  2. Catherine R. says:

    I actually have to say is our bathroom…we have two because my father added onto the house, and so we have a really nice bathroom, and one that has a dark green sink with ugly gold faucet/knobs, a light green toilet that doesn’t work and a light green bathtub! I’m in the mood to paint it yellow and paint the wood siding we have on one wall a white then go crazy with the accents! get rid of all the green in that room!

  3. Tickled Red says:

    We are actually getting ready to redo all three bedrooms. After that you can find me in my be for the next 6 months due to extreme nuttiness and exhaustion for taking that on. Have fun playing around with your room :)

  4. jeannette says:

    I would love to re-do our bedroom but like you, this is probably the last to be done because who really goes in our room? So I’d choose the living room. We are in dire need of new furniture!

  5. Jen says:

    The only thing I would warn you about is that duvet. I have the same one in our guest bedroom (I used to use it before I got married) and it rips all. the. time. No matter how gentle you are with it, the pintuck threads pop and you’ll just have to do some minor repairs every once in awhile. Nothing major, but if you’re ever prone to throwing your duvet around, just beware! (Still looks awesome, though, even a little ripped!)