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Beyond the Sugar

Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia

If you follow My Baking Addiction on a regular basis, you may remember that Brian and I traveled to St. Lucia back in April. Immediately following a couple of Facebook posts and Instagram photos, my inbox was filled with questions from readers about Sandals La Toc and St. Lucia in general. Vacations are expensive, and …

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A Dog For My Dad

I meant to post a recipe for Rum Raisin Cheesecake days ago – even adding a teaser post about the recipe on Facebook and then the little fellow above came into my life. And I was pretty much dominated by those big blue eyes and puppy breath for a full 72 hours. My dad had …

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A Peek Inside My Inbox

One of the most common email subject lines to appear in my inbox is photography. Although I truly love hearing from you guys and helping you out in any way that I can, I kinda dread this topic. Not because I don’t love photography, but because it’s a concept that’s difficult for me to explain. …

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Changes to RSS Feed

Last week it was brought to my attention that a website was importing my entire feed into their own blog and essentially passing the content off as their own. I spent a great deal of time scrolling and clicking through this site to find out they had taken many, many entries…from recipes and giveaways to …

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Beyond the Sugar

I am obsessed with lists, and if you were to take a peek at my iPhone notepad right now you’d find over 30 pages of random lists. They range from recipes, grocery store items, websites, restaurants, and things to do, to the dimensions of the space where my microwave is placed. Not only do I …

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