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You may remember a post from back in June, where I discussed our decision to redecorate our very unattractive bedroom. Since I am the epitome of indecisive, this project has taken a little longer than either of us expected; however, I’m pretty certain that most of the details have been nailed down – maybe. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen my random bedroom labeled pins popping up sporadically in your feed.

One of the biggest decisions that we faced was the paint. I knew I wanted the room to be gray, because the one design element I was set on, was a gray and mustard color palette. After staring and analyzing about 8 color swatches striped across our walls I finally decided on a matte gray paint from Benjamin Moore. Brian and his friend, Dave removed layer upon layer of slightly hideous wallpaper and painted the bedroom and bathroom a snazzy new, modern color.

Then came the bedding. I think I filled and removed items from my West Elm cart about 8-10 times before actually submitting my order. But in the end, we decided on a Pintuck Duvet Cover in the color slate. It’s a lovely textured duvet that adds a bit of dimension to our very simple and modern bed frame.

We moved on to curtains and some very basic accessories. I knew I wanted the curtains to be dark and somewhat thick. The sun blazes through our bedroom windows with all kinds of fury, so I wanted to be able to block that out on the odd occasion that we actually sleep in past 8. We chose velvet grommet window panels from West Elm in the color Iron.

Yesterday was spent hanging floating shelves, some artwork and a giant mirror – all of which are excellent ways to quickly initiate an argument. When you mix an incredibly detail-obsessed woman with, well, a man who has football to watch – conflict is certain to arise. But I decided to take the route of complete and total annoyance until he fixed the mirror that was exactly 2.3 inches off! I think I had the right to pester, don’t you?

I’m now on the hunt for throw pillows, a funky corner chair, more artwork and mustardy lamps, so if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comment section below. I’ll be updating again with photos of the finished project which at this pace I’ll have done by February. Just kidding, I am motivated to wrap up this project by the end of the month, so we can start on the living room.

More Information:

Paint: Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore
Bedding: Pintuck Duvet in Slate from West Elm
Curtains: Velvet Grommet Curtains in Iron from West Elm
Wall Art: Lourdes Sánchez, Circles from West Elm
Vases: Hive Vases from West Elm
Shelving: Modular Shelving and Paxton Shelving, both in Chocolate and from West Elm
All photos from West Elm.

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  1. Sarah @TheExPatBride says:

    When I move, I’m re-doing our bedroom in slate and mustard!

  2. Michael black says:

    Hay Jamie
    I own a furniture showroom that sells to the trade. Checkout our web site
    For lamps look at arteriors home
    They have beautiful lamps and imcan get you the designer price. Were not high end but moderate price point.
    Happy to help if I can.

  3. Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit says:

    I really need to approach my house projects like you have – work on a room until it’s complete. I’m the type that will see something, like it, buy it, then figure out what room it would look best in. I have all of these incomplete rooms all over the house!

  4. Barbara | Creative Culinary says:

    I read with some joy the comment about the mirror. I am so with you sister…funny how those GLARING discrepancies are so invisible to others! But I know you well enough and I’m sure Brian does…to just do it.

    Progress looks great and has me thinking I should spruce up my bedroom space. I like it but it’s been awhile and every few years something new just makes the whole room fresh.

    Great job.