I have and always will be a seasonal kind of girl. Many of my favorite kitchen and food memories are often related to the seasons. From weekly summer trips to roadside farmers’ stands with my mom to rolling a gazillion pumpkin rolls in the fall with my Nana – these moments all have seasonal connections. Along with these strong connections with seasonal foods, also comes a strong connection with scents.

Each time the seasons change, I obsessively revamp household scents – from candles, plugins, and hand soaps – right down to my personal perfume. In my opinion, as soon as the calendar flips to September, I am in full on fall mode. Digging through the closet for cardigans and putting away my flip flops until spring.

Photo Credit: Bath & Body Works

One of the best fall scents that I have across so far is this incredible Salty Caramel candle made by Slatkin for Bath and Body Works. It’s creamy, buttery scent will fill your home with an intoxicating fragrance that’s smells so good – you’ll almost want to eat it.

Not only does it smell all kinds of scrumptious, it’ also highly fragranced, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Brian came home from work while it was lit and questioned what was baking – when he saw a clean kitchen and me watching an episode of Cupcake Wars – he came to the realization that Salted Caramel Cupcakes were not in his immediate future – just a caramely scented living room.

Do you have favorite fall scent? Let me know, because I’m totally jonesing for more!

This is NOT a sponsored post for Bath and Body Works or Slatkin, I simply love the product and think that you might too!

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