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As you know, I am a big fan of baking and presenting food in jars and other glass pieces. A few weeks ago I was making these No-Bake Raspberry Lemon Cheesecakes and desperately wanted a way to get the crust to appear nice and even all the way around the small glass bowl. I attempted to use my fingers, a lid to my milk jug, and a small spoon. However, I was still left with a kinda bumpy layer of graham cracker crumbs. I knew they would taste delicious, but we all know that I’m a little crazy anal, so I kept pondering.

About five minutes later it hit me, and I flung open the freezer, dug through the bottom drawer, and retrieved a delicious chocolate malt push-up – which I promptly ate. Then I slid the plastic base and stick out of the cardboard tube and gave it good wash. Lightbulb moment, huh? Well, for me it was.

Simply hold the push-up upside down and use the stick as a handle and gently push the circular base into the crumbs to achieve a nice even layer. You don’t want to press too hard or the crumbs will become too compact which will make it a little difficult to eat.

Genius? Probably not, but quick, cheap and totally reusable – absolutely. Not to mention it’s a great excuse to eat a push-up! Wash it by hand and toss it into your gadget drawer for later uses.

What’s your best random kitchen tip?

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  1. Maria says:

    Where can i find these small jars fir dessert?

    1. Jamie says:

      Department stores or Amazon is a great resource for kitchen items.


  2. Rachel says:

    Where do you get those jars??!

    1. Jamie says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I got those at Pier 1.

  3. Neill says:

    and if you don’t have a push-up around to eat, bit you do have a meat thermometer in the sorta-mushroom shape, that would probably work as well

  4. Jas says:

    I love how you can portion things into little glass jars. Just wondering how do you get/what’s oven proof?

    1. Jamie says:

      I recommend checking with the manufacturer of your glassware before baking anything in them. Have a great day.

  5. AmyRuth says:

    Every time I toss yet “one more thing” into my gadget drawer, I laugh at all the stuff my kids will find one day when I’m not around. LOL They will wonder “what did she save that for?” he he Anyway, I love AH HA moments and that is definitely a genius moment. We all love the jar things!

    Here’s mine. So far I haven’t stolen my hubz ipad for kitchen use, which means I use my laptop. I’ve long thought someone should invent a cover for the keyboard that is both functional, washable and protects. For now I just cover it with Saran wrap.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Kristen says:

    Gonna have to rename you the MacGyver of cooking…. what can you do with 2 paperclips and an empty papertowel roll?

  7. Nicole @ Bake Me Blush says:

    I love the look of jar desserts, so I don’t know what’s held me back all this time from trying to make one myself. Thanks for sharing this post, as I’m sure it will be motivation enough! By the way, I love the push-up idea. It made me smile and I’m sure it will work wonderfully.