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Due to non-stop rain here in Ohio, my garden is going completely insane! I’m talking waist high zucchini plants, vines crawling up (and over) the neighbor’s fence, and way more peppers than I know what to do with. I personally think that fresh serrannos, habaneros (and even jalapeños) are too hot to eat raw or even cooked on a daily basis, so I have begun infusing anything I can get my hands on!

Fresh fruit pairs beautifully with hot peppers and what pairs beautifully with that combo? Tequila of course! Fruity margaritas aren’t a new thing, but add some hot pepper infused simple syrup and your cocktail gets a completely different twist. Pictured is a margarita made with sweet ripe peaches and jalapeno simple syrup. A perfectly refreshing summer drink that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy!


Hot Pepper Infused Fresh Peach Margarita

A sweet and spicy margarita made with fresh peaches and jalapeño, serranno, or habanero infused simple syrup.


For the margarita:
3 large ripe peaches
6 ounces silver tequila
2 ounces orange flavored liquer such as triple sec or cointreau
2-4 ounces simple syrup (start with a little and add more if you want more spice)
Juice of one large lime or 2 small
Juice of one orange juice

For the syrup:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 fresh jalapenos, 2 fresh serranos, or 1 habanero (depending on preferred spice level)
*Feel free to change the sugar to water ratio to less if you like your drinks less sweet. I usually do 1/2 cup sugar to 1 cup water.


To make the simple syrup cook the sugar, water and peppers (cut in half) together on low until the sugar is dissolved. Let the syrup cool and strain the peppers and seeds.

Peel and remove the pit from the peaches, and blend with all the other ingredients. Here you can use a regular blender or an immersion blender. Pour over ice and enjoy!

*Save leftover syrup and try this drink with different fresh fruit blends!


If you don't like tequila just substitute vodka for an equally delicious cocktail!

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  1. Jeff @ Cheeseburger says:

    I’m loving the touch of spice in this margarita.

  2. Jessi @ Practically Functional says:

    Oh yum, I bet that combo of sweet with a kick is great! Pinning this, and I’m stopping by to let you know I featured this on my blog today as part of a roundup of 25 Refreshing Summer Cocktails! Feel free to stop by and grab a Featured button if you’d like, and thanks again for the great recipe!

    1. Lindsay says:

      Thanks so much, Jessi! All of those recipes sound great, awesome roundup!

  3. Diane says:

    I love summertime, and fresh peaches, and spicy.. everything! This drink sounds so good, but would like to know what I could substitute with to make it non-alcoholic? Thanks for sharing the recipe and lovely photos.

    1. Lindsay says:

      Hi Diane,
      You could do the peaches, extra orange juice, the simple syrup and add some sparkling water. Or, add the peach puree to lemonade and throw in some slices of fresh jalapeño!

    2. Diane says:

      Thanks, great recommendations! Will have to try while fresh summertime peaches are still available. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Lindsey @ American Heritage Cooking says:

    What a great idea! I love my drinks sweet but I might throw some peppers in my fiances for a different twist! Gorgeous photos too!

    1. Lindsay says:

      Thanks so much, Lindsey!

  5. Miss Messy says:

    Wow what a fantastic combination! :D

  6. Katrina Meyers says:

    Try raspberry jalapeno jelly, it’s incredible spread on crackers or baguette slices over some cream cheese or goat cheese. It’s also good as a glaze on pork or chicken. Or just dipping crackers in it. A lot of recipes out there call for bell peppers and only a little hot pepper and I find them to be too mild, I use more hot peppers.

    They also freeze really well, just chop them up in a food processor and put them in ziplock bags or tupperware and freeze them for use in chili and other recipes. Mixing the habeneros with the jalapenos and serranos also tempers the heat but gives great flavor.

    1. Lindsay says:

      That jelly sounds so good Katrina, I’m definitely going to make it! Freezing them is a great idea too, I would feel terrible if I had to throw any away. Thanks!

  7. Kate | Food Babbles says:

    I love peach margaritas an I also happen to be a big fan of adding spice in unexpected places. This cocktail is stunning!

    1. Lindsay says:

      Thanks, Kate! The peach goes really well with the spicy peppers!

  8. Kelsey @aslolife says:

    I love incorporating peppers into everything in the summer, but never would have thought about margaritas–it looks divine!

    1. Lindsay says:

      Thanks, Kelsey! You definitely should try it!

  9. Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious says:

    I could drown myself in this today!

    1. Lindsay says:

      Haha…and you should!

  10. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says:

    I love the idea of making this spicy! Lovely recipe!

    1. Lindsay says:

      Thanks so much, Katrina!