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Last week, I came across a recipe in Food and Wine Magazine for a Milk Chocolate Tart with a Pretzel Crust. Although I am not a huge chocolate fan, I do really enjoy snacking on pretzels…especially of the chocolate dipped variety! I usually have the 100 calorie Mr. Salty packs stocked in my desk drawer at work for when that sweet/salty craving arises. I thought about baking this tart for two full days, then finally made it over the weekend. The dough was super easy to roll out tasted delicious! I used Pretzel Crisps because I had them in my pantry and they are my absolute favorite pretzels. I used Ghirardelli milk chocolate to make the filling. Everything about this tart is simple to make, but I would definitely make it the day before you serve it because there is a four hour chilling time. The outcome is superb and seriously delicious., so if you love milk chocolate and pretzels, head over to the Food and Wine website for the recipe by clicking here.

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  1. Allison says:

    I made this over the weekend…for whatever reason it didn’t competely set, it was pudding like, but it was SO GOOD! I’ll make it again for sure!

  2. Mermaid Sweets says:

    OH, this has been on my to do list since I saw it in the magazine, good to see it here too, can’t wait to make it – although need a break from the TWD chocolate overhaul.

  3. Kasey says:

    A chocolate covered pretzel in the form of a cake?! I can’t think of a better salty/sweet combination.

  4. ovenhaven says:

    What a delight! This sounds like a great combination :)

  5. alexandra's kitchen says:

    oh the sweet and the salty is so good! this tart sounds delectable. chocolate is such an amazing food!