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Some of the most common questions that pop up in my MBA email have to do with product suggestions. From seeking info about my most reached for spatulas to absolute my favorite mixers – you guys want answers, so I thought I’d create a post dedicated to my Must-Have Tools For The Home Baker.

1. Spatulas: I think I have around 20 spatulas laying around my kitchen, but for some reason I constantly reach for the OXO Good Grips 3 Piece Spatula Set. The spatulas have taken a beating and they’re still in perfect shape. The fun, bright colors are a definite bonus!

2. Rolling Pin: I’ve used several different types of rolling pins over the years and for whatever reason, I loathe rolling pins with moving parts. By far, my absolute favorite are French style pins. The tapered design allows for more control and since it’s lighter and less bulky, it takes up less storage space and it’s little easier on your arms if you’re rolling out a lot of dough.

3. Hand Mixer: It’s not always necessary to bust out the stand mixer, so for lighter mixing and whipping up egg whites, I adore my KitchenAid 9-Speed Hand Mixer. And I must say, the LED screen is pretty sweet!

4. Baking Pans: Let’s face it, I bake a lot, so I rely on quality baking pans. My absolute favorite pans are from 360 Bakeware. Their multi-ply construction allows for consistent, even heating and better heat conductivity than any other bakeware that I have ever used. If you’re interested, you can read my full review here.

5. Cookie Scoops: These OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoops are probably one of my most used kitchen tools. Varying sizes allow you to perfectly portion cupcakes (large scoop), cookies (medium scoop) and truffles (small scoop). They’re are super sturdy and function like new after 3 years of constant use.

6. Pastry Blender: Sure you can always go the route of using two forks to cut butter into flour, but I prefer to save a little time and energy by using an OXO Good Grips Pastry Blender. With a solid construction and fantastic, sturdy blades, this tool allows you to combine your ingredients with ease.

7. Pastry Scraper: I am obsessed with the OXO Good Grips Pastry Scraper/Cutter. Not only is super helpful when baking, it’s also great for transporting chopped items from your cutting board to pots and bowls with ease. Double duty is always a bonus in my book!

8. Cupcake Pan: You guys are well aware of the fact that I am absolutely obsessed with cupcakes, so when I stumbled upon this 24 well cupcake pan, I was immediately smitten. Not only does it cut down on your baking time, its super sturdy construction bakes cupcakes and muffins to perfection. It’s also great for mini meatloaves and quiches!

9. Marble Pastry Board: I have tiled countertops with is quite the bummer when trying to roll out any type of dough. After numerous annoying attempts of rolling on different surfaces, I decided to purchase a marble pastry board. It’s cool to the touch surface is perfect for rolling out pizza dough, shaping scones and so much more. I use it so much, it has a permanent spot on my countertop.

10. Stand Mixer: I absolutely adore my KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer. It’s my workhorse and BFF in the kitchen and I don’t think I could live without it.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Must-Have Tools For The Home Baker. I hope this list helps you out a bit if you’re in the market for new baking tools. If you have specific comments or questions regarding any of these products, feel free to comment below, or you can also reach me via the contact form.

Tell me, what are YOUR Must-have baking tools?

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  1. Chad says:

    I love, love, LOVE your list and your site! I just discovered you via American Heritage Cooking’s list of blogs. Can I just add to your list an incredible rolling pin I bought last year? It’s an aluminum pin, tapered ends, extra long, BUT the coolest thing is that it is engraved with measurements..and it comes in several colors (which is just darn fun ). It’s easy to chill before use and keeps everything cool and non-stick. I also have to second (or third…or fourth?) silicon baking mats. Whooo! I just acquired some and cannot believe how much I use them.

    And lastly, possibly most importantly: I can honestly say that whenever I’ve parted with a kitchen gadget I thought I wouldn’t need anymore, I’ve always regretted it. I chastise myself every time I need a handheld mixer–like the one I gave away after I got my stand mixer. A word to the wise should be sufficient!

    Thanks for making such a wonderful site!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words, Chad! I totally need to check out that rolling pin!

  2. Terry says:

    Great and very helpful post!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks, Terry!

  3. Charlie Yamada says:

    I love my pastry blender, I can live without it, but have wasted a lot of precious time~therefore I will not live without it ever again! I also love the rolling pin with no moving parts, I will soon get the French style pin! My Kitchen Aid, well I should say Aids~I have a 4.5 qt and a 7 qt. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I could make due with a small hand held, but I LOVE mine! Workhorses!

    I will be trying that marble pastry board…SOON!

    Thanks for sharing! I feel like your list is spot on!!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you so much, Charlie! I’m glad you liked the post.

  4. Paul Hayes says:

    Incredibly useful list! And a pastry blender is a tool I didn’t realise existed until now … but I can see how handy it could be in my kitchen.

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you, Paul! I use my pastry blender for so many things.

  5. Lyn Smith says:

    I don’t think a marble pastry board is necessary. A smooth cutting board would work just fine and cost way less. I had a plastic pastry sheet years ago and it worked wonderfully.
    (Notice the author of this blog mentioned the type of counter she has in her kitchen, which I believe is her reason for the board).

    It is also not necessary to purchase a cookie scoop as a soup spoon or teaspoon works wonders. I have several mini spatulas that I use if I need the extra ‘push’. Stand mixers are wonderful but hand-held will do just fine for those with limited space. Of course, with the hand-held you don’t have the extra hand but sometimes you don’t have a choice.
    I’m not sure the pastry scraper is a must have. I’ve done very well over the years with spatulas, even when smoothing icing on the sides of a cake. I suppose what I’m saying is that you can be just as good a baker with the basics as you can with all the fancy stuff. (At least what I call fancy stuff). Believe me, I am one who has more ‘stuff’ in my kitchen and enjoy looking for more but I like to think common sense rules.
    I would say this is most likely a list of must have for the professional.