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My Newest Addiction: Keurig Brewing System

Are you a coffee drinker? If so, I am guessing you know exactly what a Keurig Brewing System is. I’m a fan of coffee, but rarely drank it at home except for Sunday mornings. You see, I have an issue with getting out of the house on time for work… or, well, pretty much any activity.

I don’t consider myself late, I like to think of it as extremely prompt, meaning down to the last second. Being the I am extremely prompt, there’s not much time for me to mess with a coffee pot… or blow dry my hair for that matter. Instead, I relied on my co-workers to bring me my morning jolt of caffeine. That is, until the Keurig entered my life a few weeks ago.

I was approached and asked to be a Keurig K-Cup Ambassador. The title still makes me chuckle because it’s so official sounding. Regardless of the title, from the moment I opened the box, I have been obsessed with this little coffee powerhouse, and so is Brian. He actually went out and purchased a second Keurig just for his office and now holds 8:30 am “Coffee with Brian” meetings at work.

As a Keurig K-Cup Ambassador, I’ll be posting recipes, highlighting some delicious flavors and hosting a couple of great giveaways. I’ll also be providing you with exclusive monthly promotion codes that can be used at

I’m pretty excited about this partnership and even more excited that in less than a minute I can brew the perfect cup of coffee, head out the door, and continue to be extremely prompt to my destinations!

This Month’s Code

is AM0001-3568, and will give you 15% off of a Keurig Brewing System as well as free standard shipping at Green Mountain Coffee. It will expire on 6/10/11 and will be replaced with a new code.

Check out my video to see the Keurig in all its glory, learn my fave K-Cup flavor and catch a a glimpse of my gorgeous counter tops!

My Newest Addiction: Keurig Brewing System from My Baking Addiction on Vimeo.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.