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Snickers chocolate chip cookie bars are possibly the most irresistible dessert – ever. Just look at these things!

I can’t possibly be the only one that has a pretty serious thing for miniature candy, right? Come on, guys – say it ain’t so.

Every single time I stumble upon the bite size section of chocolate candy at Target, no less than two bags make their way into my cart. Who can resist bite size Twix, Rolos and Snickers?

Certainly not this girl. It’s a problem.

The main problem is that as soon as I snip the bag open, I’m poppin’ those little bites of chocolate bliss directly into my mouth like it’s my j-o-b. And since summer is right around the corner, all that candy poppin’ needs to be a stoppin’.

Snickers chocolate chip cookie bars are possibly the most irresistible dessert - ever

Instead of eating an entire bag of bite size Snickers, I ate two pieces – okay more like five – shared some, and baked the remaining candies into these Snickers chocolate chip cookie bars.

They’re chewy, a little gooey and perfect for just about any occasion.

Although I love a good cookie, I’ve been feeling cookie bars lately – especially cookies bars loaded with candy like these Monster cookie bars and peanut butter cup cookie bars – they’re my dessert of choice these days. These easy cookie bars also caught my eye this week.

How can candy baked into a dessert ever be a bad thing? It can’t, I’m here to tell you.

Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are loaded with bite size Snickers candy bars making them the perfect dessert or snack!

They great thing about cookie bars is that they come together in a snap and all you need is a couple of bowls, a whisk and a wooden spoon.

Toss them in the oven and they bake up perfectly in less than 30 minutes. So if you’re in a bit of rush, or just don’t feel like hanging out at the oven – cookie bars are the way to go.

The Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe originally appeared on Food Fanatic.

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  1. SOFIA says:


    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Happy baking –

  2. Tavey says:

    These were awesome!! Everyone begged me to make more. Making them as Christmas gifts tonight!

    1. Jamie says:

      Wonderful, Tavey!

  3. Lee says:

    what did you drizzle them with? Looks like caramel and chocolate —

    1. Jamie says:

      Yes, I mentioned that I drizzled the bars with melted baking caramels and melted chocolate chips. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Monica says:

    What did you use for the topping on your cookie bars and how did you apply it. Did I miss that part of the recipe?

    1. Jamie says:

      I noted in the post that you could drizzle them with melted chocolate chip or caramel before serving. I used the individually wrapped Kraft caramels. I hope this helps.

  5. Sam says:

    These sound amazing! I LOVE cookie bars and I will be trying this recipe for sure. This would be a great recipe for right after halloween with any extra candy too.

  6. Jenna says:

    Awesome idea to add Snickers to a chocolate chip cookie bar! Bet it tastes great!!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by.


  7. Heather - Butter&Burlap says:

    Yum! My boyfriend absolutely loves Snickers bars…so I know he’ll go crazy for these!

    1. Jamie says:

      I hope you get the chance to try them. Thanks for visiting!


  8. June Burns says:

    Wow those look awesome! So thick and chewy, mmm :)

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks so much for visiting!


  9. Medha @ Whisk & Shout says:

    Love the snickers bites in the cookie dough! SO yum :) I’d eat this before it even got to the oven.

    1. Jamie says:

      I hope you get the chance to bake them. Thanks for visiting.