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Essentials: How To Fill Cupcakes

Clearly I make a lot of cupcakes; adorable, portable and always a crowd favorite, another reason to love cupcakes is that they are pretty simple to bake and decorate. I’m kind of lacking in the patience department, so it’s much easier for me to pipe frosting onto a cupcake than onto a full-size cake.

I’ve also become a big fan of filling my cupcakes with a little somethin’-somethin’. Whether it’s lemon curd, ganache or chocolate chip cookie dough, people (and I) really enjoy biting into a surprise center.

I’ve filled a lot of cupcakes and have tried a bunch of methods for achieving that perfectly filled center. I find that actually removing a piece from the center of the cake rather than using a filling tip without removing any cake actually works better. After hollowing an absolute ton of cupcakes with a paring knife, I knew there had to be an easier way and trust me, there is.

If you are an apple lover, you may already have this little tool in your gadget drawer. A basic apple corer does a fabulous job hollowing out the cupcake evenly and with a perfect cylinder hole for filling. Those of us that are OCD and require perfect circles in our life will especially appreciate this. Those of you that aren’t, appreciate it anyway! Oh, and no need to point out my extremely pale fingers. I’m fully aware that I am on the verge of blending in with the white board!

Essential Product Info

OXO Apple Corer available through Amazon and many retail stores.

How To

  • Gently push the apple corer into the center of your cupcake, rotate the corer slightly and pull the corer out of the cupcake.
  • Push the small cake round out of the corer and repeat this process with all the cupcakes. Be sure not to go all the way down to the bottom of the cupcake, this can cause your filling to seep through the liner.
  • Once your cupcakes have been hollowed, pipe in your favorite filling and top with your favorite frosting.