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Growing up, my brother and I were always fond of breakfast for dinner. There was something very “opposite day” about it that intrigued us like no other meal could. We almost felt like little rebels basking in a stack of pancakes dripping in syrup while our neighborhood friends sat down to spaghetti or pot roast.

At 32, I still enjoy a good omelet for dinner and even the occasional Belgian waffle, so this recipe for a Baked Apple Puff really stood out in Michelle Stern’s new cookbook, The Whole Family Cookbook.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle back in October at BlogHer Food in San Francisco. We were among a group of people that were left momentarily stranded at a function which led us to being smooshed into a limo like sardines while winding through the streets on San Francisco.

Being that I am extremely claustrophobic and get insanely car sick, I was about two seconds away from either breathing or vomiting (maybe both) into a paper bag before the limo came to screeching halt at the curb of our hotel.

Michelle’s passion for teaching children about fresh, wholesome food is evident throughout her entire book, which is full of unique recipes that will help you get your children involved the kitchen. Michelle provides you with great tasting recipes using accessible, fresh and local ingredients along with easy to follow, color coded, step by step instructions.

It will get you excited about dragging a stool into the kitchen and allowing your little one to crack eggs, measure flour, stir batters, and a myriad of other little-hand suitable tasks. In turn, helping out will get them excited about the food that they are helping to create!

Your kiddos are going to love this Baked Apple Puff and the many other recipes in The Whole Family Cookbook.

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  1. Ken says:

    In the directions it states 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon mixed with 2 Tablespoons sugar, I believe you meant 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

    1. Jamie says:

      Good catch, Ken! Recipe corrected. Thank you!

  2. Deb Baber says:

    My favorite memories are of that Iron Skillet that my Grandma would always fry chicken make gravy, cornbread, biscuits, anything that was fried or baked was made in that Iron skillet. She even used bacon grease that sat in a can on her stove, to fry everything……and we are not dead!!! I ended up with that skillet and my husband chose to throw it away because it was rusty……what I wouldn’t give to have that back.