Is there anything better than a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes on a weekend morning? Make that dream morning easier with a batch of Bisquick Pancakes made with your own homemade Bisquick mix!

Syrup being drizzled over a stack of fluffy Bisquick pancakes on a white plate

In recent months, I’ve received so many questions about Bisquick Pancakes and other Bisquick recipes using my recipe for Homemade Bisquick.

The great thing about Homemade Bisquick is that you can pretty much substitute it for store-bought, boxed Bisquick in just about any recipe from biscuits and waffles to pancakes! So if you can’t find the boxed stuff, I’ve got you covered!

I wanted to show you that Homemade Bisquick makes a delicious stack of perfectly fluffy pancakes using the Ultimate Pancake recipe right off the back of the Bisquick box.

Ingredients for Bisquick pancakes in bowls on a marble counter


My family loves a big stack of fluffy pancakes on a Saturday or Sunday morning. And there really is something about seeing their smiles when they’re enjoying a big breakfast with all the fixings that fills my heart.

But as much as I love made-from-scratch Pumpkin Pancakes, Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes, or Mascarpone Pancakes, I’m not always awake enough to handle pulling out all of the ingredients and measuring cups for those recipes.

Glass jar of homemade Bisquick mix in front of a stack of Bisquick pancakes and a carafe of orange juice

On mornings where even a second cup of coffee can’t get my brain up and running, I reach for my Homemade Bisquick and whip up a batch of Bisquick Pancakes instead.

The pancakes are fluffy and delicious and make my family perfectly happy. While I usually make the “ultimate” version that uses a few more ingredients, occasionally I resort to the original recipe that uses only Bisquick mix, milk, and eggs.

Sometimes I even have just enough brain power leftover to make some Homemade Blueberry Sauce to spoon over the pancakes.

Bisquick pancake batter in a mixing bowl on a marble countertop


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the original Bisquick pancake recipe with just Bisquick mix, milk, and eggs. It is super easy to make – especially if you have little hands helping you in the kitchen.

But you can make Bisquick pancakes even better with a few extra ingredients.

In addition to the milk and eggs, you’ll want to grab:

  • Sugar
  • Baking powder
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
Small pitcher of syrup being poured over a white plate of Bisquick pancakes

To make the pancakes, simply stir together all of the ingredients until combined, then cook them as you would any pancakes on your greased griddle or pan.

I like to grab my ¼ cup measuring cup to spoon out the pancake batter onto the pan. It’s just the right amount of batter for nice-sized pancakes that aren’t too big to flip easily.

Fork taking a bite out of a stack of Bisquick pancakes on a white plate, with additional pancakes and orange juice in the background.


Because Bisquick Pancakes are a classic vanilla pancake, there are lots of great ways you can add even more flavor to your fluffy stack of goodness.

Elle loves when I add chocolate chips to these pancakes, but you could add blueberries, sliced bananas, or even chopped peaches.

Stack of 3 Bisquick pancakes on a white plate, with a fork taking a bite out of the pancakes.

Simply sprinkle your add-ins on top of the pancake batter once you add it to the griddle.

Want to make these for a birthday breakfast? Stir in some colorful sprinkles for a cute funfetti moment!

I already mentioned topping your pancakes with homemade blueberry sauce, but you could try topping them with Microwave Lemon Curd or even Homemade Cherry Pie Filling!

And don’t forget whipped cream and hot fudge sauce for a really decadent treat.

Stack of fluffy Bisquick pancakes on a white plate, topped with butter and syrup
Syrup being drizzled over a stack of fluffy Bisquick pancakes on a white plate

Bisquick Pancakes

Yield: About 14 pancakes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Is there anything better than a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes on a weekend morning? Make that dream morning easier with a batch of Bisquick Pancakes made with your own homemade Bisquick mix! 


  • 2 cups Homemade Bisquick
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste


  1. In a large bowl, stir together all ingredients just until combined.
  2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or nonstick frying pan over medium high heat.
  3. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Cook until surface of pancakes have some bubbles and a few have burst and the edges of the pancakes are dry, about 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Using a spatula, carefully flip each pancake and cook until browned on the underside, about 2 minutes more. Transfer cooked pancakes to a baking sheet and keep warm in oven.
  5. Continue with remaining batter, greasing the pan with additional oil as needed.


For even simpler pancakes, use only the Bisquick mix, milk and eggs, omitting the remaining ingredients. Follow instructions as written.

Recipe slightly adapted from Bisquick

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Nutrition Information
Yield 7 Serving Size 2 pancakes
Amount Per Serving Calories 244Total Fat 11gSaturated Fat 3gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 8gCholesterol 57mgSodium 618mgCarbohydrates 30gFiber 1gSugar 10gProtein 6g

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