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The Famous N.Y. Times Chocolate Chip Cookies…

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If you frequent food blogs, you have probably stumbled upon discussion of the much hyped New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies. Well…after reading about these little chocolate treasures a few times I decided to put them to the test. I questioned a couple of things about this recipe…mainly the sea salt used to top the cookies. Let me tell ya, I love salt, I love sweet and salt together, BUT I did not like these cookies with the salt on top. After making one batch with salt, I left it off the rest of the cookies. I figured why add it if we do not enjoy it? I also questioned the refrigeration period…seriously a 24 wait?!? Come on now…what possibly occurs during that 24 hours that could not occur in let’s say a 12 hour period? However, I did let the cookie dough sit in the fridge for the 24-36 hour period. Next thing…I did not have any bittersweet chocolate disks or fèves (honestly I had no idea what a fève was) and certainly could not have them shipped in this heat! I used Ghirardelli 60% Cocoa Bittersweet Baking Chips. If you are not familiar with these, they are bigger than a Nestlé chip and my version of a disk! Anyway…these cookies are delicious, try the salt you might love it…me not so much! The cookies are big, chewy and all around superb…just make sure you have a big glass of milk on hand. Now if you have no idea what recipe I am referring to, click here to check it out. Enjoy!

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Linda Ryan

Thursday 8th of June 2023

I am baking these right now. First time and they are excellent! Bindis add Celtic Sea Salt on top it cuts the sweetness a bit.


Tuesday 13th of June 2023

So happy to hear it, Linda! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your feedback. Happy baking! Jamie


Sunday 27th of May 2012

Chocolate feves are like chocolate chips except larger & oval. I first saw them on the Valhrona site when looking for cocoa nibs. Not sure if it is something exclusive to them or not. Anyway, they are deeeelish! Try'll like it!


Friday 3rd of September 2010

I tried this recipe several times and for me a 2 oz portion works best. In case anyone is interested I compared this cookie against 9 other popular CC cookies on this page: Thanks for the post.

chocolate chip cookies — My Baking Addiction My Baking Addiction

Saturday 13th of March 2010

[...] them up in no time flat! Looking for chocolate chip cookie perfection? Check out my current faves: New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies Extraordinary Chocolate Chip [...]


Tuesday 22nd of September 2009

I finally got around to baking these cookies after more than a year since I first read the article. Although I love the salt in the World Peace Cookies, I agree that it didn't taste good in these ccc's. I think my next ccc experiment will be Alton Brown's the Chewy.

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