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Pumpkin pecan pie bars with a homemade sugar cookie crust, pumpkin filling and a pecan streusel topping. With a gluten-free option.

Pumpkin pecan pie bars have a homemade sugar cookie crust, pumpkin filling and a pecan streusel topping. Recipe contains a gluten-free option. These are perfect for Thanksgiving!

I’ve been wanting to combine pumpkin and pecan pie for a while now. A combination of the two just sounded more delicious than a plain pumpkin or plain pecan pie!

I originally wanted to make a pumpkin pecan pie, but the filling plus topping was just a little bit too much for a pie dish. Then I went with mini pies, and though super cute, they took forever to prepare and kind of stuck to the muffin liners. So here we have the easiest and least fussy version – pumpkin pecan pie bars!

Pumpkin pecan pie bars have a homemade sugar cookie crust, pumpkin filling and a pecan streusel topping. With a gluten-free option. Perfect for the holidays!

My favorite part of these bars is the crust. I’ve never been a big fan of crust (unless we’re talking chocolate cookie crust, like in these mini pumpkin cheesecakes!) but this isn’t your ordinary crust.

There’s half a cup of sugar in there, making this more of a sugar cookie-like crust. And it’s awesome.

If you have any gluten-free family members, this is a great treat that you can easily make gluten-free. I used this gluten-free flour mix, which is a 1-to-1 sub for all-purpose flour.

Pumpkin Pecan Bars are the perfect fall dessert the whole family will love. Recipe contains a gluten-free option.
That’s all you need to make this recipe gluten-free! And honestly, it’s just as delicious as the all-purpose flour version. If you have that flour, then you can also make these pumpkin cupcakes which are honestly the best pumpkin cupcakes I’ve ever had!

The filling is the same one I used in my gluten-free pumpkin pie streusel bars recipe. It goes perfectly with the pecan topping and is just the right texture.

I first tried making more of a traditional pecan pie topping with eggs but it was just weird on top of the pumpkin. So I went with a pecan topping that’s more streusel-like. Nobody seemed to mind! These bars were gobbled down in record speed.

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Pumpkin Pecan Bars

By: Erin
4.40 from 41 ratings
Prep: 25 minutes
Cook: 47 minutes
Total: 1 hour 12 minutes
Servings: 9 servings
Pumpkin pecan pie bars with a homemade sugar cookie crust, pumpkin filling and a pecan streusel topping. With a gluten-free option.


For the crust:

  • ½ cup unsalted butter room temperature
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup + 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour or 1-to-1 gluten-free baking mix for a gluten-free version*

For the pumpkin filling:

  • 1 15- ounce can pumpkin puree
  • cup granulated sugar
  • cup brown sugar
  • 2 ½ teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup evaporated milk
  • 2 large eggs room temperature

For the pecan topping:

  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup all-purpose flour or 1-to-1 gluten-free baking mix for a gluten-free version
  • 1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ cup unsalted butter room temperature
  • 1 ½ cups chopped pecans


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and line an 8"×8" pan with a piece of parchment paper.
  • Prepare the crust. In a medium mixing bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Add in the vanilla, salt and flour. Mix on low until well combined (it'll be crumbly).
  • Press onto the bottom of the prepared pan and bake for 15-17 minutes until it just starts to brown around the edges.
  • Let cool at least 15 minutes while you prepare the filling.
  • In a large mixing bowl, stir together all the pumpkin filling ingredients except for the eggs. Once well combined, add the eggs and whisk until thoroughly combined. Set aside.
  • Prepare the pecan topping. In a medium mixing bowl, mix together the sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt.
  • Use your hands to incorporate the butter and once well combined, stir in the chopped pecans.
  • Pour the pumpkin filling evenly over the partially cooled crust and then carefully sprinkle the pecan topping over the filling.
  • Bake for 40 minutes or until the topping is golden brown and firm and the middle is set.
  • Let cool completely and then cut into bars. Store at room temperature for 1 day or refrigerate for up to 3 days.
4.40 from 41 votes (41 ratings without comment)

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  1. The Sugary says:

    I tried these last night and they were delicious :) I love how thick the bars are! Wonderful recipe

    1. Erin says:

      That’s great! I’m happy that you enjoyed them. I’m also a fan of how thick they are. :) Thanks a bunch for your comment!

  2. Plasterer Bristol says:

    Love pecan nuts so will be attempting this soon. Fingers crossed I don’t mess it up

    1. Erin says:

      I’m sure it’ll go well! It’s much more difficult to mess up than a pie. :) I hope you’ll enjoy the bars!

  3. David Nyambi says:

    These look absolutely delightful!
    Can’t wait to make them for my friends :)

    1. Erin says:

      Thanks! I hope you and your friends will enjoy them.

  4. Shelley Fulleborn says:

    I made these yesterday and they are really delicious.  The large amount of spice and the shortbread crust make them extra special.  I will note that both baking steps took longer in my oven–15 mins. longer for the crust and nearly 20 mins. for the pumpkin/pecan topping.  I just followed directions and watched for the crust to get light brown and tested the topping with a toothpick.  Will definitely make these often in fall and winter.  

    1. Jamie says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Shelley!

  5. Jakob Ingefær says:

    Great recipe!
    I love pumpkin bars, so I must try your recipe!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Erin says:

      Thanks so much! I hope you’ll enjoy the bars. :)

  6. Kali says:

    Pecans are not so popular in Germany but I love them! I make pecan muffins once in a while and everybody loves them – this nut should get more attention around here:-)
    Greetings from Berlin, Kali

    1. Erin says:

      Hey Kali! I also live in Berlin. :) Just in case you don’t already know, pecans are cheapest at Lidl. Up until they started carrying them about a year ago, they were totally unaffordable! Thanks goodness for Lidl. And I agree that pecans should get more love. :) Thanks for your comment!

  7. Marcellina says:

    This looks delicious….so gooey! You have a great blog and I love your recipes!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you so much, Marcellina!

  8. Alice Burbage says:

    Looks really tasty!

    1. Erin says:

      Thanks! I hope you’ll give them a try. :)

  9. cecilia says:

    wonderfull recipe!!!!

    1. Erin says:

      Thank you! I hope you get the chance to try them out.

  10. Lianne says:

    These look delicious! I’ve only recently tried pumpkin pie and I’ve never tried pecan pie but I love pecans! I think I’ll be baking these soon!

    1. Erin says:

      I hope you’ll enjoy them! And I hope you get to try pecan pie soon, too. :)